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Machine Listing - Reverse Roll Coater

IEN 126399
Rolls (Six) 6
Manufacturer Waldron / Ross Air Systems
Quantity One (1)
Equipment Class Reverse Roll Coating
Diameter 12.5"
Speed 200 FPM
Year (age) 2000
Width 60"

  60" Waldron / Ross Air Systems Reverse Roll Coating Station. Age 1995. 3-Roll System. Reverse Roll Coaters Meter An Accurate Thickness of Coating Between Two Precision Chilled Iron Rolls & Apply the Pre-Metered Coating to the Web. the Amount of Coating Applied is Controlled by the Opening Between the Metering & Applicator Rolls & by the Speed of the Applicator Roll Which Rotates Reverse to the Web. Water-Based Coating. (2) Chilled Iron Rolls, (1) Rubber-Covered Backing Roll. Wedges for Precision Micrometer Adjustment Between Metering Rolls & Backing Roll. Reverse Roll Coating Stations Apply a Wide Range of Coatings in Viscosities of 50 to 200,000 CPS, from 100% to Less Than 10% Solids. Servo Driven Motorized Wedge Block Gap Adjustment Between Applicator Roll & Metering Roll. Applicator Roll Can be Controlled Automatically Through Gauging System. Automatic Running Adjustment of Coat Weight Applied. Applicator Roll is Fixed. Metering Roll is Air-Loaded Against the Applicator Roll. Backing Roll is Air-Loaded Against the Applicator Roll. Gap Adjustment Between Backing Roll & Applicator Roll is Done Manually. Gap Adjustment Between Metering Roll & Applicator Roll is Done Remotely with Servo Drives. Drives Are Sized for Up to 200 FPM. Metering & Applicator Rolls 10" Dia., Chilled Iron Accurately Ground to a T.I.R. of .00015 or Better & Mounted in Precision Anti-Friction Bearings. these (2) Rolls Are Positioned to Form a Coating Fountain Consisting of the Rolls & a Slurry Box Where Coating is Put. Applicator Roll is Fixed in Position & the Metering and Backing Rolls Are Adjusted to It. Backing Roll is 12.5" Dia., Elastomer Covered. On Top of the Coating Station is a Pre-Metering System Which Can be Used If Needed or Can be Removed. Pre-Metering System Allows Pre-Metering of Coating Material Before It Goes Into the Damn for the 3-Roll Reverse Roll Coating Station. Originally Had Gap Control Between the Applicator & Metering Roll and this was Done Through a Beta Gauge System. (2) Servo Motors with Controllers to Control the Gap Adjustment. Schmidt Couplings Are Provided for the Metering Roll, Applicator Roll & Backing Roll. Dodge Reducers. Reliance Variable Speed AC Vector Drives. 460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle. (4) Motors; (3) 5 HP & (1) 15 HP Reliance Motors, AC Variable Speed. Each Roll in this System has a Drive Motor. All Rolls Are 66" Wide. (3) Spare Rolls, (1) Applicator Roll, (1) Metering Roll & (1) Backing Roll.