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Machine Listing - Surplus Unwinds

IEN 126410
Year (age) 2010
Manufacturer Appleton
Model A301
Speed 60 Cuts/Min
Quantity One (1)
# of Knives One (1)
Width 60"
Equipment Class Automatic Core Recutter
Diameter 1/4"- 5/8"

  24" Straub Single Position, Driven, Center Unwind or Center Rewind. Two Stations Sold Together, Almost Identical. Most Recently Being Used as a Center Rewinder. (2) Bosch Safety Chucks to Hold Shaft in Place; No Shaft. 28" Diameter Rolls of Material. (6) 25" Wide Aluminum Idlers. HasLoad Cells with Idler; No Controller for Load Cell System. HasTransducers. HasFife Automatic Edge Guiding System, Model A9, Electric Eye. HasCentering System. (1) 1.5 HP DC Variable Speed Drive Motor, 1750 RPM. Set Up to Operate on 180 Volt, 60 Cycle, 3 Phase. Emerson WER Electrostatic DC Drive Motor; No Controller for Drive Motor. Single Position Unwind or Rewind was Inline with a Process. Well-Built. have Second Unit Which was Being Used As Unwind or Rewind; Almost Identical. HasMost of the Edge Guiding System with It; Does Not Include the Fife Sensor; Otherwise, Same Specifications. GBI Assumes One of These Units was Being Used as a Driven Unwind; the Other was Being Used as a Center Rewind.