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Machine Listing - Unwinds

IEN 121152
Quantity Four (4)
Diameter 60"
Manufacturer Jagenberg
Equipment Class Dual Unwinds
Width 65"
Type Continuous Auto Splice

  65” Width Jagenberg Unwind Stand. One (1) Available. 8,000 lb capacity; 60” diameter rolls with Torres auto splicers. The unwind will come with remote I/O only and will need to have its own PLC integrated; it was formerly 1 of 5 unwinds on a Jagenberg sheeter line. Power is 460 V. Idler roller diameter: Approximately 9”Ø; Was formerly used for a paper basis weight range of 60-219 lbs. / 3300ft². Max speed: 1150 FPM; Minimum web width: With the existing core chucks = 20”, but the system spec. sheets states 14”; Torres Splicer Maximum splice speed: Splice speed was configured in the Sheeter PLC to for a maximum of 450-550 FPM based on basis weight. Higher speeds possible when installing the unit and this can be configured in the PLC.