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Machine Listing - Reverse Roll Coater

IEN 126315
Width 72"
Rolls 4-Roll
Model Double Sided Coater
Equipment Class Reverse Roll Coater
Manufacturer Inta-Roto

  72" Inta-Roto 4-roll coating head. Age 1977. 480 voltage, 60 cycle. Horizontal design. Inta-Rota refers to coater station as double reverse roll coater. Was coating solvent solutions of phenolic & water emulsions in viscosities from 1cp to 150 cp. Coating weight: 15-18 lbs per ream of 3000 ft. Wet coating weight from .001" thick to .004" thick per side. Coating method doctor roll metered squeeze roll. Has all pans & covers. Was designed for water-based coatings. 70" wide product. Reverse roll coater horizontal design. Two motor drive with drive controllers. 500 FPM. Was coating liner board. This coating station allows coating on one side of the web or both sides of the web at the same time. (2) coating pans. (2) open doctor blade assemblies. This unit can coat front side & back side of the web at the same time. Design of machine is such that there are two coating stations; each coating station has (2) rolls; one roll applicator roll; other roll metering roll. (1) doctor assembly applies coatings to either side of the web or to both sides of the web at the same time. Two 2-roll coating heads. Rolls are driven in opposite directions. Was coating paper & board materials. (1) 7.5 HP AC variable speed drive motor, set up for 230 / 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle. This 7.5 HP drive motor drives two rolls. Coating rolls are 72" wide, approx. 15.5" dia. and are driven by 7.5 HP AC motor. Anilox roll is 72" wide, approx. 13.5" dia. and is driven by 3 HP AC drive motor. 3 HP AC drive motor drives two rolls. Has air loading system for loading rolls. Has manual adjustable spacing blocks for setting the gap. Pans are raised up manually or by an air motor. This coating station is a heavy-duty coating station with 3" thick steel frame.