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Machine Listing - Center Wind Rewinders

IEN 126335
Equipment Class Used Slitter Rewinders
Type General Converting
Diameter 45" Rewind / Unwind
Model CA-CW6045HD-N
Manufacturer Capco
Width 60in

  60" Capco center rewind slitter rewinder. Model CA-CW6045HD-N. Single position detached, shaftless floor pickup unwind. Hydraulic system is used to assist with roll lifting. Self-centering arms with pushbutton in / out of the arms. Manual side shifting of unwinding roll left & right, +/- 3". Two Warner electric brakes with automatic tension control system for controlling the brakes. Air-loaded dancer roll controls the automatic tension control system for the braking system. Manual skew roll. Unwind has 3" mechanical chucks. 45" diameter rolls on unwind & rewind. Unwind is detached from the slitting & rewinding section. Splicing system built into unwind stand which allows for splicing rolls. Air-loaded hold-down of the web as splicing is completed. 77" wide idlers. Unwind & rewind could be easily separated and used for a coater, laminator, printer & many other processes. 63" wide bowed roll located before slitting section. Helps with roll separation of slit rolls. Score cut slitting section, air-loaded score cut knives; (10) male knife holders are included. Approximately 3" minimum slit width. 62" wide, 5" diameter solid-steel rider roll which is air-loaded down against the rewinding roll which helps to control hardness of the rewinding roll and assist with air escaping. One 3" air rewind shaft. Has roll assist system for lowering rewound roll to the floor. Red Lion 401 Totalizing counter. Operator's station. Controller for drive is Magnetek GPD 515 AC variable speed drive with 30 HP G.E. AC motor. 460 voltage, 3 phase, 60 cycle. 2,000 feet per minute typical operating speed. For an additional $2,500, a used Fife P25 automatic edge guide with cylinder & sensor can be installed. Pneumatic sensor. Capco slitter rewinder most recently used for slitting & rewinding coated papers, newsprint. Is capable of slitting & rewinding lightweight, up to 20 pt. board, non-extensibles, fabrics, nonwovens, towel, tissue & laminations. It is a general converter's machine.