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Machine Listing - Coaters / Laminators

IEN 126124
Type PE Extrusion Coating Line
Equipment Class Coating Laminator
Manufacturer MP Engineering
Model HM59-SD3
Speed Max: 160 FPM / 50 M/min
Diameter 60" Rewind
Width 102" Roll Face

  102” Roll Face Thermoplastic Extrusion Coating / Laminating Line. Built by MP Engineering, Type: HM59-SD3. Roll Face: 2600mm (102”); Working Width: 2400mm (95”); Electricals: 480/3/60; Controls: 110V/60Hz. Year 2005. The line has three accumulators to allow continuous operation. One unwind has been removed. The line consists of the following: - 1 - Entry Accumulator with hot-wire seaming device, 8000 volt static eliminator, pneumatically operated fabric holding device for tension control, Accumulator with 8-rolls up and 9-rolls down approx.. 80-yard capacity, compensating arm on exit side. Rolls are 4” dia. X 102” face aluminum, Control Panel mounted onto framework, fully enclosed cage. - 2 - Second Accumulator with roll cradle for second substrate let-off, Accumulator with 9-rolls up and 10 rolls down, approx. 54 yard capacity, rolls are 4’ dia. X 102” face aluminum, includes 8000 volt static eliminator and pneumatic fabric holding for tension, Pendulum type Guiding Device on exit side, Control Panel mounted onto framework, fully enclosed cage. - 3 - Laminator Station, Roll Width 102”. Calender rolls are cored for heat. Includes roll cradle for third substrate let-off. Also includes a chill roll. No Hot Oil System. - 4 - MP Engineering Extruder/Applicator Type HM59-SD3, Matr. No. 402/04, with 102” Die, 98” rubber-belt with pneumatic cylinders for belt tension and guiding, heated cylinder backing to die, 2 infrared heating elements, operator platform, Controls mounted in door and Operator Touch Screen panel. (Note: these are presently mounted on production line and will be removed and placed back into/onto Applicator. Electrical 480V / 3Ph / 60Hz. - 5 - Coatem Sistemi c.r.l. Imballagio & Hot Melt Extruder, S/N 50701, Type/Model CE-200, with digital microprocessor and inverter for speed variation, designed to work mainly with polyester, polyamide and polyurethane but can also extrude ABS, polythene, polypropylene and adhesives like EVA adhesives. Electrical 480V / 3Ph / 60Hz. - 6 - Conair IR Heater / Dryer CD-300, PL-D-196-1, Model D03H4101310, S/N 9D0597, Electrical 480V / 3Ph / 60Hz. - 7 - Identical 20” Width Extruder to run as a Pilot Line on the same components to test new products is included. - 8 - Third Accumulator for bonded product with 6-rolls up and 7-rolls down, approx…60-yard capacity, rolls are 6” dia. X 102” face aluminum, with draw-roll Tension Device mounted onto exit, overhead carrier rolls and framework delivery to Electric A-frame Winder with 102” face lay-on roll.