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Machine Listing - Center Wind Rewinders

IEN 123967
Equipment Class Center Wind Rewind
Width 75"
Manufacturer Black Clawson
Speed 500 - 4000 FPM

  75" Black Clawson unwind center rewinder. 80" roll face. Four major components; Black Clawson hydra-lift unwind, 60" dia., max weight 7,500 lbs, shaftless floor pickup, auto tension, auto edge guide. 7.375" OD mechanically locking core plugs. Unwind equipped with (2) 60 HP DC motors, 240 DC volts. Regenerative drives, used to precisely control unwind tension. Unwind over / under selector switch which indicates desired direction of rotation. Fife automatic edge guiding system with a pneumatic sensor. Next inline 4-roll tension unit. Pneumatically controlled tension roll control web tension between unwind & pull roll section. Foxboro tension system. 6-roll pull roll section. Rubber covered pull rolls. Pull rolls are driven by 30 HP DC motor. Comptrol load cell system to control tension on rewinder. Mount Hope vari-pitch bowed roll, 77" wide, 6" OD. rewind has rider roll moves back & forth by 2 HP Reliance DC motor. Rubber-covered air-loaded rider roll. After pull roll section is Black Clawson center rewinder. Winder is designed for 2 modes of operation, contact or minimum gap which determines the position of the rider roll. In contact mode, rider roll is loaded against winding roll to provide a design at nip loading of 3 pli. Gap mode positions rider roll approx. 1.5" from winding roll & maintains this distance throughout the buildup of roll. Rewinder is driven by 125 HP Electro Flyte DC drive. Regenerative drive, drive is connected to driver side winder spindle. Regenerative drive motor which provides the ability to wind either over or under. Maximum rewind dia. 60". Winder designed for core sizes of 3" to 7.625", also for 3" air shafts. 7.375" core plugs. Maximum weight on rewind 7,500 lbs. Line speed is 400 to 4,000 FPM. Tension ranges on unwind are 35 to 150 total lbs. Tension on rewind is 35 to 225 total lbs. Originally designed for paper grades of 25-90 lbs. per 3,000 sq ft. 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle. 3-ton hoist & spreader bar to assist with unloading rewound rolls. Most recently this machine was used to salvage & rewind rolls of carbonless paper & other coated sensitive papers. Machine had two shear cut knives for edge trimming, shear cut knives are gone. Unwind, pull roll & rewinder could be used on a coating line, printing press, laminating line, salvage operation, etc. Missing controllers for motors.