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Machine Listing - Embossers

IEN 123835
Width 58" (147cm)
Equipment Class Embossing Equipment
Speed 1000 FPM
Type Steel to Paper
Quantity 2 Stations
Manufacturer Black Clawson

  58" Black Clawson, 2-station, steel-to-paper embossing line.  This embossing line is composed of shaftless floor pickup unwind stand manufactured by Powell, 60" wide Black Clawson steel-to-paper embossing section, second identical 60" wide Black Clawson steel-to-paper embossing section with 60” Powell shaftless floor pickup center rewind rewinder, Model E6060, 60” Diameter. (3) motors.  Drive motors mounted on each embossing section & on center wind rewinder.  Embosser has been updated.  Powell rewind and unwind were installed new in 2002.  Unwind & rewind were installed for 10,000 lb. rolls maximum, 2 PLI at 1500 FPM.  Machine is set up for 230 volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase. Has G.E. adjustable speed drive, solid-state controls.  (3) General Electric adjustable speed drives, DC.  Has speed variator, DC 300's.  SCR drive.  Drives were updated in 1985.  Powell single position unwind, floor pickup, shaftless, 60" dia. rolls, Model E6060 with 14" Nexon air brakes, 5" chucks, push-button edge guiding of the unwind left & right, new 2002.  Black Clawson embossing station, 60" steel emboss roll, 11" dia.  60" paper roll, 22" dia.  2:1 ratio.  Steel roll is bottom roll.  Steel roll is hydraulically loaded up into the paper roll.  5" thick steel frames.  Has bowed rolls & spreader rolls on embossing frames.  Rewind is set up for 5" core plugs.  Width of bedrolls & idler rolls 60".  Maximum dia. rolls on rewind 60".    Edge guiding rewinder left & right.  (2) 25 HP G.E. DC drive motors, one for each embossing section.  This embosser was embossing opposite side of the web.  At times, former owner of machine would only emboss one side of the web; at other times, would emboss both sides of the web.  Pattern of the emboss roll is "clouds".  Typical operating speed 1000 FPM.  Was embossing paper.