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Machine Listing - Towel Converting Lines

IEN 123979
Size 18.23" cutoff, 2-lane deck
Equipment Class nonwovens wipe converting line
Year (age) 2006

  18.23" cutoff, 2-lane deck, nonwovens wipe converting line with inline coater.  Age 2006.  2 decks high.  1/4 fold.  Non-driven turret unwind. Heated 2-roll coater; coat one or both sides of the web.  Two modular 1/4 fold folding pan assemblies.  Set up for C-fold.  Driven S-wrap pull roll assembly.  Mechanical folding head cassette.  Saw cut.  2-high tray assembly.  Web is folded over the former, folded on mechanical folding rolls, then bandsaw cut; then delivers folded product onto the tray assembly.  Parent roll up to 20" wide, 60" dia., 3" core.  (2) unwind positions.  18.23" cutoff which is influenced by the substrate tensile & elongation properties.  Finished cutoff dimension can be greatly influenced by the product that is being coated & cutoff.  Because of the multiple pull roll sections & coating of the product, 17" cutoff nonwovens products could be created.  Folded width approx. 9.125" (i.e. half of the cutoff in the transverse fold).  Product height approx. 5.375"; can be changed by using a different folding plate.  Maximum speed 450 FPM.  Maximum pieces per minute, 592.  Performance of the equipment will vary on the substrate quality, operator proficiency & prevailing conditions of the installation.  Nexen tension control, load cells, Horton automatic tension controller, air braking.  Next inline, horizontal pull roll assembly.  Next, centering Fife web guiding assembly.  Next, 2-station heated drum coater assembly.  Wax coatings were applied to the web.  Sterlco circulates hot water to heating drums & coating stations and pans.  Next, Fife web guide assembly.  Next, shear slitting assembly for slitting the web in half.  Next, pre-former horizontal pull roll section.  Next, centering web guide assembly to web guide both webs into former assemblies.  (2) C-fold former assemblies. Next, S-wrap infeed pull roll assembly, mechanical folding assembly, bandsaw cutting assembly, 2-station tray assembly.  Photo-electric eye safety stop systems.  Is guarded.  Main drive is Allen Bradley, variable speed, AC, with an AC controller, 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle.  7.5 HP main drive.  Machine has had very little usage.  In like-new condition. Approx. cost $450,000 new.