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Machine Listing - Coaters / Laminators

IEN 126160
Manufacturer Pasaban
Equipment Class Coater Lamination
# of Unwinds Two (2) Included
Type Meyer Rod Coater
Model Roll 2 Roll, Roll 2 Sheet
Width 60" Width

  60" Pasaban Laminator Roll to Sheet. Two 84" diameter Shaftless unwind stands with 6" & 12" cores, Montalvo brakes, DFE Steady Web 12D automatic tension controls, skewing roll. Meyer rod coater (12" diameter coating roll w/2 hp drive), bow roll 18" diameter steel / 12" rubber covered laminating nip section with 15 HP Magne Tec drive. Pasaban Syncro Folio Sheeter with in-line coater laminator for 63" wide web for a max sheet size of 60" x 104" ( 17"x 20"minimum) sheet, with Linear decurler and four (4) Mario Cotta air shear cut slitters. Maxson tape delivery with automatic reject gate and overlap for sheet size 60"x 104", 72" Maxson piler with tab inserter. Pasaban DC drive system with Telemecanique PLC, Max Speed of 850 FPM. 60" OD center winder with 12" chucks. 40" Fostoria Sun-Mitel _R pre Dryer IR oven.