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Machine Listing - Cut Size Packaging Equipment

IEN 123980
Model 66R
Equipment Class Automatic cut size Sheeter
Manufacturer Pemco
Type non-wovens single fold interfold machine

  Pemco Model 66R automatic cut size paper ream wrapper.  Poly kraft wrapper.  Floor pickup unwind.  30" dia. rolls.  3" air unwind shaft. Automatic tensioner on brake.  Machine was upgraded in 1999; Panelview 550 Allen Bradley PLC installed and Nordson Model 3400V-1EAV2F 3-gun hot-melt glue system with 3 glue applications.  Set up presently on 8.5"x11" products.  Machine is set up for hand loading.  Infeed conveyor power infeed, front & rear paddles.   Height of package: 1" - 5".  Width of package: 5" - 12". Length of package: 7" - 18".  Has 18-ft. long power infeed, front & rear paddles. Operators place product into infeed section; machine automatically wraps packet.  Variable speed drive motor. Typical operating speed: 20 to 35 reams per minute.  Machine includes change part sizes for 8.5"x11", 8.5"x14" & 11"x17".  1.5 HP main drive motor, 460 volt.  PLC is SLC processor.  Machine can wrap & band in kraft paper, wrap & band in polyethylene.  Can accommodate ream sizes from 5"x8" through 12"x18".  Possible to change package sizes in 10 minutes or less.  Model 66 uses paper or polyethylene to form high-quality neatly wrap packages with either under fold, in fold or a combination of both.  Manufacturer's brochure indicates mechanical speeds from 20 to 41 units per minute.  Easily operated hand wheels allows calibrated size adjustments for quick changeover.  Hand wheels for length adjustment, height adjustment, power infeed conveyor with front & back petals guarantees totally squared packages at all times. The front & rear paddles prevent telescoping & keep the ream in uniform position at all times.   42" wide cutoff knife.  Change a gear to change cutoff distance.  Air vacuum system after the cutoff to control sheeted wrap material assists with high-speed wrapping.  Air-loaded pull rolls. Central lubrication system Lincoln oiler.  Web brake sensors.