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Machine Listing - Unwinds

IEN 126212
Width 48 inch
Manufacturer HG Weber
Diameter 50 inch
Equipment Class Bag Machine Unwinds
Type Auto Tension Control
Year (age) 2000

  48” H.G. Weber single position unwind, rollstand with automatic web tension control for increased bag production & improved bag machine operation. Air-operated dancer roll system. Automatically adjusts braking system to provide constant web tension from full roll to core. Reduces web bounce. Web tension is not affected by roll density. Air brake system located on the spindle. Accepts a wide range of papers & basis weights. Has push-button edge guiding provision +/- 3”. Total of (2) unwinds. Age approx. 2000. Montalvo air brake. 10” diameter, air-operated, air-cooled. 3” air unwind shafts. 50” diameter rolls. Push-button edge guiding at each unwind. (1) unwind has Tesionmate T-one automatic tension controller. (1) unwind has Dynaweb EP 350 pneumatic tension controller with Dynagain. Tension controller built into unwind. Can be put inline with paper bag machines & other processes. Pricing is for two units.