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Machine Listing - Embossers

IEC 126105
Size 67" Working Width
Manufacturer RCM (Recomo)
Equipment Class Embossing Machine
Year (age) 1986
Type Heated Embosser

  67” RCM (Recomo), Italian manufactured, embossing machine. Includes (A) 20” & 36” dia. driven pre-heat rolls. (B) IR 9-Element automatic pre-heater. Automatic lower & raise timer for pre-heat elements. IR unit attached to embosser section; heat the web close to the embossing roll. (C) Steel-to-rubber emboss station with backup steel roll which is heated. 16” dia. x 70” wide rubber roll. 70" steel embossing roll which is heated. 70" wide, 9" dia. backup roll. (D) two 26” dia. cooling rolls after embosser. Age approx. 1986. In very good condition. This embosser was designed for embossing fabrics. 2-roll embosser / calender. Rolls heated up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. No hot oil heating system. Has leatherette pattern on one of the steel emboss rolls. Another of the steel embossing rolls is smooth. Third steel emboss roll has random pattern, 7" dia. emboss rolls. Total of (3) steel embossing rolls. Electric motors & pneumatic loading of the embosser rolls. (E) Simple 2-position unwind for 40" dia. rolls, 8" chucks on 2" square unwind shaft. (F) 2-roll pull roll section, 10" dia. rubber-covered rolls. (G) Two catwalks which have 71" wide idlers which allow you to walk over the web. (H) Pull roll section. The emboss section, pre-heat section, pull roll & chill roll section have motors. Typical operating speed was 15 yards per minute.