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Machine Listing - Duplex Rewinders

IEN 126039
Width 63 inch
Equipment Class Duplex Slitter Rewinder
Year (age) 1994
Diameter 31.5 inch
Manufacturer Kampf
Type Cantelevered

  63" Kampf Duplex Cantilever Slitter Rewinder, Model Conslit US 108. New 1994. Center Rewind type with Cantelevered Rewind Shafts. 31.5" dia. (800mm) rewind on 6" cores. Fixed mounted rewind shaft with swingable support levers on the non-drive side. Spacerless differential rewind shafts. Permanently mounted friction elements on rewind shafts. Roll take-up off stand connects to the rewind shaft for unloading. Razor / shear slit. Ideal for flexible packaging, PE, PP, PA, PET, PVC, laminates, papers, extensibles & nonextensibles. Full width across the web layon roll. Air-loaded layon roll presses down against rewinding roll. 1500 FPM. Programmable controller. Shear cut. 1600mm width. .75" minimum slit. Tension, max 3.5 PLI for each winding position. Unwind Dimensions: 65” Roll face, 40” Parent roll Diameter on 6" ID cores. Machine was originally slitting soft films up to 12 mil (300 microns thickness), rigid films up to 6 mil (150 microns thickness) & papers up to 100 GSM weight. AC drives, variable speed. 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle. Main drive, 10 HP. Top rewind shaft, 15 HP. Bottom rewind shaft, 15 HP. Unwind, auto tension, shafted, 40" dia., 6" cores. Hydraulic; lift rolls into unwind. Pneumatic brake, Magnum. Diameter sensing. Ultrasonic sensor. Fully regenative microprocessor AC drives from Siemens USA. Simovert AC drive. New controls, uses an Allen Bradley 1400 new $3,000. Schneider Telemanique Mageless 2 years old. 10.5" color touch screen. Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC. New system communications use an Ethernet hub for ease of programming & connection for SPC control & monitoring. Complete electrical documentation is supplied with the controls. Replacement controls are all factory new & state-of-the-art, which ensures manufacturer's support in the future. Because of the constant differential speed, friction elements are not subject to unnecessary heat up or wear. Each spindle is equipped with a diameter scanned potentiometer; therefore, individual diameters can be rewound if desired. Rewind tension is adjustable as constant tension/taper tension. Fife. Electric eye for print & edge control of automatic edge guiding system. Splicing system. Skew roll. Mount Hope bowed roll, 4" dia. Idlers are rubber-covered. Razor slitting in air. (10) razor blade holders. .75" min slit width when using razor blade holders. Razor slitting section is set up for 48" wide product; could easily be converted for wider product. Shear slitting section is set up for 63" wide materials. Driven male shear cut knife bar. (5) sets of shear knives. $18,000 for Two (2) New 3" ID Goldenrod Corp multibladder differential rewind shafts.