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Machine Listing - Center Wind Rewinders

IEN 126106
Type Center Wind Rewind
Capacity 40" Dia. Rewind
Speed 500 FPM
Equipment Class Used Slitter Winder
Size 62" Width

  62” custom-built, center rewind Simplex slitting & rewinding machine. Has been used for slitting & rewinding paper products, paper/foil laminations, label stock. Minimum slit width 4” wide slits. Machine was overhauled & rebuilt in 2007. Two videos available show machine slitting & rewinding. 64” wide idlers. 62” wide material. Operating speed 500 FPM. Single position unwind. Montalvo air brake. Floor pickup. Maximum dia. rolls on unwind 48”. 3” & 6” air shafts on unwind. Manual skew adjustment. Automatic electric edge edge guide. Accuweb steering system with Micro 1000 controller. Auto tension control. Dancer inline with unwind. Splice system after unwind. Single position center rewind scrap rewinder with splicing table. 3" core, 20" dia. rewind. Rewind scrap, splice the web and then continue to rewind product. (2) 6” air rewind shafts. Maximum rewind dia. 40”. Layon roll with pneumatic control. Mount Hope Varibow roll before slitting section. Rewind motor, 20 HP, Baldor. Machine is set up for shear cut slitting; includes (4) male shear cut knives; Tidland Class I slitting knives. Female knife shaft driven. Durant counter with auto stop, DC variable speed drive, counter, totalizer, 480 voltage. 70 percent of the machine of its’ components were added in 2007 or newer. (3) motor drives. (1) motor for pull roll & driving the female slitter knife shaft. (1) motor for the scrap rewinder. (1) motor for the rewinder. Rewinder has dancer tension control. Maximum weight rolls that were slit & rewound were 4,000 lbs. Typically run as a manual fixed gap, minimum gap rewinder. Operator typically runs machine with upper rider roll approx. 1" off of the rewinding roll. Machine is in very good mechanical condition.