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Machine Listing - Napkin Folders

IEN 125948
Size 12.5 inch Cutoff
Equipment Class Napkin Folder
# of Unwinds Four (4)
Model Super 8
Manufacturer PCMC
Capacity 8 - Lanes

  12.5” cutoff, variable cutoff, PCMC Super 8 napkin folder. Quarter-fold napkin folder. Luncheon napkins. 8 lanes. Machine was originally set up for 13” cutoff napkins. Machine had gearing and pulleys changed so machine is cutting off at 12.5” cutoff. Can vary the cutoff by changing the pulleys. Variable cutoff from 10” to 13” cutoff. (4) PCMC shaftless unwinds. 26" wide idlers; belt driven from the top. 3” cores. 62” dia. rolls. Push-button edge guiding, +/- 2". Steel-to-steel embosser. 28" wide steel rolls,8" dia. rolls. Flower & diamond pattern; in excellent condition. Emboss rolls were re-engraved, then used for 3 years. (8) 1/4 fold folding plates. One male/female shear cut knives. Slit inline. Was slitting the web in the middle. Has been making 12.5” x 11” napkins. 12.5” x 12.5” & 12.5” x 13” folded. Can vary the width of the paper on the unwind. Variable speed drive. AC motor. No vacuum pump. Typical operating speed, 120 cases in 7.5 hours of operation. 480 FPM. New Lence AC Tech variable speed AC controller, Model SM Vector, 15 HP, AC, US motor. 460 volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase. AC motor for shifting unwinding roll left & right. Lineshaft connection. Machine has been overhauled & rebuilt within the past 8 years. Former owner was operating machine at approx. 3000 napkins per minute. Like-new emboss rolls. Semi-automatic oiler. 8" wide knurled pull rolls. 5-ft. long delivery table. Red Lion counter with air lift of table at preset count. (2) 1/2-ton chain hoists on jib cranes to load unwinds.