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Machine Listing - Flat and Gussetted Bags

IEC 120809
Year (age) 1975
Type Flat and Satchel Bags
Model Matador 45-S3
Manufacturer Windmoller & Holscher
Equipment Class Paper Bag Machines

  Windmoller & Holscher Matador 45-S3 Flat & Gusseted Paper Bag Machine with 4-Color Inline Printer. Variable size bags, 2.75" - 17.75" bag width and 8" - 31.5" tube lengths with perforator cutoff. Age approx. 1975. In very good mechanical condition. Electricals: 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz drive. Gussett widths up to 6". Cutoff length 8"-13" speeds up to 1000 bags/minute; 13"-25.5" speeds up to 500 bags/minute; 25.5"-31.5" speeds up to 360 bags/minute. Speeds are from manufacturer's brochure. 10 pitch. Single lane bag machine. 50" dia. rolls on unwind, single position unwind. W&H printer, 43.25" width, 4-color, 10 pitch. Approx. (12) print cylinders included. Approx. (8) formers included. Matador 45S perforator bag machine is high speed. Has cold glue. 15 HP variable speed drive motor. Manufacturer of motor Hyundai. Controller manufactured by Accutronics Model 65. Age of motor 1999. Age of controller is approx. 11 years old. Machine can be operated on 230/460 voltage.