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Machine Listing - Embossers

IEN 126075
Speed 1500 FPM
Manufacturer PCMC
Equipment Class Embossing Equipment
Capacity 77" Width

  77” matched steel-to-steel embossing frame & rolls. Heavy diamond emboss pattern. Matched steel rolls. This embosser most recently has been inline with a slitting & rewinding machine operating at approx. 1500 FPM; was embossing hand towels. In the past, was used inline with PCMC 150 Series winder for hand towels & household toweling. Emboss rolls are air-loaded from the top. Screw / wedge adjustments between the two rolls to assist with setting the gap of the two emboss rolls. 8.5” dia. rolls. 1:1 ratio. Face width of emboss rolls, 81”. 77” wide pattern. Rolls have matched steel-to-steel pattern and are in good mechanical condition. Could be used for tissue, toweling, nonwovens products, newsprint, packer’s paper, board & laminates. Mount Hope bowed rolls, 62.5” dia., 77” face width. 83” wide, 4” dia. idler roll. Top embossing roll is air-loaded down to bottom embossing roll. Bottom embossing roll is driven. Heavy-duty frame, 3.25” thick. 84.25” distance between frames. Set up for manually adjustable variable speed pulley. (2) rolls are geared together. Bearing blocks are 6” wide x 6” high. Approx. age 1980’s.