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Machine Listing - Turret Winders

IEN 123991
Model R-301-S
Diameter 11.75" Rewind Dia.
Equipment Class Turret Rewinders
Width 63" (1600mm)
Manufacturer Pacific Elite Industries
Year (age) 2000

  63" (1600mm) Pacific Elite Industries Model R-301-S automatic turret logger. New 2000. Heavy-duty and two shafts turret change design for rewinding all kinds of adhesive backed material. Both center & center surface winding available. Some materials need to be rewound from the center; some materials need to be rewound center surface; machine can do both. Working width up to 1,600 mm. Unwind jumbo roll dia. 800mm. Maximum rewind dia. 300mm. Air compressor 6 bar. LCD touch screen is equipped to preset for length measurement including tabbing position & total length. Rewind tension control sloped tension, etc. Slope tension setting is aimed at the rewind tension setting on different rewind diameters. Rewind pressure layon roll avoids air bubble on the rewinding of the log. Wipe-down roller to smooth the end of winding tape after cutoff. Includes unwind automatic tension control. Automatic labeling device. Score cutting, trim slitting unit (3) knives included. Universal servo drives set up for 220 volt, 3 phase, 50 or 60 cycle AC servo motors (2) 7.5 HP motors. Width of idler rolls, pull rolls throughout machine are 67" wide. Unwind is attached to the logger. (1) 3" air unwind shaft with 6" core plugs. Floor pickup system for picking rolls up off of the floor & putting them into the unwind position. Manual edge guiding provision +/- 3". Single position unwind is attached to the machine. 8" dia. air brake, air-cooled, air-operated auto tension controlled. (1) air-loaded pull roll section. Knurled pull rolls. Auto tabber system. Turret rewinder is two position rewind. Air-loaded layon roll; can be driven or not driven. (1) set of 3" air rewind shafts, total of two. (1) set of 2" air rewind shafts for rewinding on 2" or 3" cores. Easy view touch screen Mitsubishi PLC controlled. Total of (3) air-loaded score cut knives. Score cut knife system back roll platen roll is driven.