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Machine Listing - Unwinds

IEN 126107
Year (age) 2008
Manufacturer Davis Standard
Capacity 65" W x 50" Diameter
Equipment Class Turret Unwind Stand
Speed 750-1000 FPM
Model BD 407

  65” Davis Standard turret unwind stand. Age 2008. Set up for drop splicing. Model BD407. Serial # 01103. Maximum dia. meter roll, 50”. Idler rolls are 67” wide. (4) 3” air unwind shafts. Air chucking to hold unwind shafts in place. (2) 11” Montalvo air brakes, air-cooled, air-operated. Montalvo System 3000 automatic tension controller with load cells to control brakes. Fife, pneumatic sensor, automatic edge guiding system; entire unwind side shifts +/- 3”. 67” wide, 9” dia. rubber roll, air-loaded to steel roll nip roller assembly; to assist with drop splicing. Former owner was operating at approx. 750 FPM. 1000 FPM mechanical speed. Would slow down and make hand splice, drop splice. 230 / 460 voltage, 3 phase, 60 cycle. AC motor for indexing. Unwind was inline with extrusion coating operation. Could be used for unwinding film, paper, nonwovens & other flexible packaging materials.