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Machine Listing - Two Drum Winders

IEN 124044
Equipment Class Two Drum Winders
Model 43-18
Width 85" Trim
Diameter 72" Rewind
Manufacturer Jagenberg
Type Vari-Dur

  85" Jagenberg Vari Dur 2 Drum Surface Winder. 72” Rewind Diameter. Shaftless unwind & rewind, slitting & rewinding machine. Type 43-18. 88" wide bedrolls, 20" dia., plasma coated. 24" minimum web width. 72" dia. unwind. 3", 5" & 6" cores on unwind. Unwind shaftless, floor pickup. Fife automatic edge guide. Upper rider roll, belt-driven. Shear cut slitting. 4" minimum slit width. (17) male shear cut knives. Has been slitting & rewinding paper & board. Original design for coated kraft paper and 20-30 pt. board. Has roll lowering J-table & roll ejector. 1 motor drive. Age 1969. 480 volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase. Trim removal system & decurler bar. Durant counter. Operated at 2500 FPM. Mechanical speed 4000 FPM. Shaftless unwind inclined ramp type D15. Rolls are raised to operating height by motors & lead screws. Stands are side shifted by motors & lead screws. Standard Jagenberg drum brakes for pneumatic operation, water cooled. Fife automatic edge guiding. Air-sensing head shifts the unwind stand & side shifting idler mounted between the unwind & the winder. Multi-shear slitters. Top slitters are pneumatically engaged & disengaged from operator's panel. Spreader bar located after & before the slitters for proper cut separation. Mechanical threading equipment consists of a pivoting tape cradle & air nozzles are mounted under the rear drum to facilitate threading. Winding drums are grooved to remove trapped air during the winding operation. Shaftless rewinds by means of two counter-weighted chuck assemblies guided positively within the slot front upright frame of the machine and core chucks are easily exchangeable for different core ID's. Chuck assemblies have a telescoping adjustment range of 27.5" each. Narrowest trim width for shaftless rewinding is 28"; 3", 5", 10" & 12" core plugs for shaftless rewind. Durant footage counter. Falk gearbox rebuilt in 1997. Trim blower, grinder blower applications. 10" dia. idlers. 12.5" dia. upper rider roll. Eurotherm digital DC controller, 590 Series. Age of controller approx. 2005. Single motor drive, SCR drive, DC, variable speed. (1) 50 HP Reliance variable speed drive motor.