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Machine Listing - Rotary Sheeters

IEN 126087
Equipment Class Knife Sheeter
Width 45 inch
Manufacturer Beck
# of Unwinds One (1)
Type Single Knife

  45” Beck Model H-1 single knife sheeter. Single position unwind manufactured by Shanks. 12” air brake. Maximum dia. roll on unwind 50”. (1) 3” unwind shaft. Fife automatic edge guiding system. Pneumatic sensor for moving unwind +/- 6”. Standard Beck 3-roll roller decurling system. Solid-rubber feed roll, 14” wide. Extended feed roll housing. Top & bottom tape. Sheet length cutoff 14” to 71”. Fine adjustments for squaring cutoff. Revolving knife mounted on adjustable tapered roller bearings with fine skew adjustments for knife setting. Variable speed tape drive. Variable speed main drive. Sheet length changed through use of level & cone gear combination. Accurate sheet lengths. Adjustable speed delivery tapes changed by operator to get the most efficient delivery speed for various materials; different materials need to be delivered at different speeds. PIV changes tape speed. 4-ft. long bottom tape section. 7.5 HP Marathon motor with hydraulic drive unit. Sperry Vickers adjustable speed hydrostatic drive. 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle. Standard precision of cutoff +/- .125”. Typical mechanical operating speed of Beck sheeters, 250 FPM. Has jogger table which allows up to 55” long cutoff. Jogs all four sides. Standard 6” lower feed roll. Mechanical counter. Turn-up guides. Beck sheeter is capable of sheeting laminations, wax papers, stationery papers, pressure-sensitive materials, placemats, paint samples, pads, tablets, labels, giftwrap, aluminum, book binding, business forms, paper, file board up to 28 pt., PVC, cellophane & most film products.